Designed and developed to meet your requirements. All in compliance with the local standards and regulations. The unique Frisomat principle forms lightweight galvanized HSS-steel to extremely strong profiles. The relatively light structure demands less requirements for the subsoil of the building site. Lighter, more economical and more ecological.

Medium range, Sigma combines an attractive price per m² with interior and exterior flexibility. The roof pitch of 22° makes it possible to use a lighter structure without sacrificing maximum inner space. Every Sigma can be highly personalized. From insulation to exterior look. Window bays, sectional doors, smoke vents, loading bays, canopies and various other options, Sigma buildings make it possible.

The result? A modern versatile and sustainable industrial building at an attractive turnkey price. The high-end finishing and high quality structure guarantee the best quality and a long lifetime. Built to last.

steel construction type Sigma
steel construction type Sigma

You want to know more about Sigma industrial buildings?

Check our catalogue (PDF – 1Mb)

Why would you choose for a Sigma industrial building?

  • lightweight but strong steel structures
  • advantageous price-quality ratio
  • an industrial building for unlimited applications
  • fast delivery and precise assembly
  • a temporary or permanent steel construction
  • easy to transport
  • a hangar for each budget
  • sidewall height from 2,5 to 5 m
  • width from 7 to 22 m

Looking for an industrial building for all applications? Sigma is the steel construction you need.