Perfectly suitable as an aircraft hangar, site building or agricultural hangar.

An ingenious, round concept. The first product in the Frisomat history. Although 30 years old, still an innovative concept. A arched steel hangar with elegant lines at an unbeatable price.

You need a workshop or an office? Shelter on temporary construction or cultivation sites? An Omega+ can be reused on different locations. Purchase or rent? Thanks to its form and concept, Omega+ is easy to relocate. As a result, it’s perfectly fit for temporary applications. From a couple of months to several years, an Omega+ suits the job.

The solid steel structure (IPE or tubular) can be assembled virtually everywhere. A prefabricated concrete foundation or special developed anchors, an Omega+ can be built on almost every soil.

The optional extra wide sliding doors offer you the ideal solution for light aircrafts or private planes. No wonder you will find lots of Omega+ industrial buildings on small and private airports.

steel construction type Omega+
steel construction type Omega+

You want to know more about Omega+ industrial buildings?

Check our catalogue (PDF – 1Mb)

Why would you choose for a Omega+ industrial building?

  • lightweight but strong steel structures
  • advantageous price-quality ratio
  • an industrial building for unlimited applications
  • fast delivery and precise assembly
  • a temporary or permanent steel construction
  • easy to transport
  • a hangar for each budget
  • height 6 m
  • width from 12 to 20 m

Looking for an industrial building for all applications? Omega+ is the steel construction you need.