From storage to office space, almost limitless applications. Top of the range, Astra links large spans with elegant design. Maximum space combined with aesthetic design.

Interior grandeur and attractive exterior. The slight roof pitch (10°) results in an aesthetic design. Slim, double ∑-shaped profiles fit perfectly in each other. The result? An exceptionally strong yet elegant structure.

Astra offers a high level of personalization. The typical, truss beam framework gives Astra it’s large spans. Every component can be optimized and modified. The goal? The ideal structure. Reinforced where necessary, solid but light where possible. An efficient use of material.

A modern, versatile and sustainable industrial building. Delivered at a fixed price, all in compliance with local standards and regulations. The high-end finishing guarantees the best quality an a long lifetime. Built to last.

steel construction type Astra
steel construction type Astra

You want to know more about Astra industrial buildings ?

Check our catalogue (PDF – 1Mb)

Why would you choose for an Astra industrial building?

  • lightweight but strong steel structures
  • advantageous price-quality ratio
  • an industrial building for unlimited applications
  • fast delivery and precise assembly
  • a temporary or permanent steel construction
  • easy to transport
  • a hangar for each budget
  • sidewall height from 4 to 9 m
  • width from 15 to 35 m

Looking for an industrial building for all applications? Astra is the steel construction you need.