When choosing a solution you deserve the best. The best solution, the best quality, the best service. To guarantee the best, we choose a unique path: the “in-house”-strategy.

By doing almost everything ourselves, we can control, manage and steer the whole process. More than 90% of your industrial building has been produced by our employees. From metal sheet to a finished building. We take care of every step.

Every single employee all over the world is trained and guided according to the highest Frisomat requirements. A highly specialized family. At your service.

An Frisomat industrial building is produced in line with the highest Frisomat standards. After all, you deserve the best.

Producing your structure roughly requires 4 steps:

  • Flattening the coil
  • Punching the steel
  • Rolling the profile
  • Cutting the profiles

Structure, wall and roof claddings, sandwich panels, everything is produced according to the highest demands. Every step of the process has built-in quality checks. Before packed, every component is checked and approved.
Innovative, quality steel components. Our pleasure.