International development

In 1988 Frisomat go beyond Belgium – with its first branch in France. Today we have branches in many European countries and Brazil, and through our representatives assemble steel buildings worldwide. We have already built over 30 000. In this activity we rely on production facilities in Belgium, Romania and Brazil.

In 1990, the accumulated knowledge and experience, create conditions for transition to the use of cold, hot-dip galvanized profiles for bearing structures – advanced construction technology, unbeatable and until today.

This innovative approach is typical for today’s set of prefabricated buildings of steel. Furthermore, we continuously improve them in our development center. As a result, today our buildings are higher, wider and lighter than in the past.

The Beginning - from the first steps to a worldwide expert

Frisomat began to produce and assemble prefabricated steel buildings in 1978. Since the very beginning are laid the foundations of the philosophy: the steel building is a complete construction product and the installation is an integral part of the whole.

The small family business today is an established leader in Europe and worldwide. The secret? Work and perseverance, accompanied by constant innovation!

Frisomat in Bulgaria

Established as a subsidiary of Frisomat Belgium in 1993, Frisomat Ltd. Is working more than 20 years on the Bulgarian construction market, as supplies and installs Frisomat buildings systems.

By using the experience of Frisomat in the organization of the assembly, we have put the new higher-level concepts of style of construction in Bulgaria.

Over the years we have built more than 800 buildings in Bulgaria and we can proudly say that we have won the confidence of hundreds of satisfied customers.

Many innovations in Frisomat construction systems were born in Bulgaria. Today Sofia is based the main engineering office of Frisomat that each year is designing hundreds of projects for our clients – in Bulgaria and around the world.

Correct attitude towards our customers has become our trademark and guarantor of our successful presence in Bulgaria.

Innovative prefabricated steel buildings

In 1978 Frisomat begins with one construction system: the arcuate steel hall type Omega, with a wide range of different sizes. At that time, it has no analogue as a material and construction. And today, together with its advanced modifications, enjoys their fans.