All under one roof

Since its establishment Frisomat consider steel building as comprehensive and complete construction product: from the concept and the design through the production to its construction of your location.

Supporting structure, wall and roof cladding, all finishing profiles – closing angles ridge elements, skirting profiles about openings for doors and windows, gutter… Everything firsthand.

Combining all stages of the creation of your steel building under one roof, we save time, money and the need for coordination of many different suppliers. But this is not the most important – an integrated attitude to the building is a guarantee of high quality of the final result.

Engineering background

The accuracy starts with design!

The team of Frisomat highly qualified engineers is specialized in the design of steel structures of high – strenght cold-rolled profiles. This is a guarantee of finding an economical and reliable solution for your needs.

Using of own most modern software, perfectly adapted to the Frisomat systems, allows us to calculate structures quickly and accurately. Thereby, even at an early stage we can give you an exact price for your building – based on a detailed specification of its elements.

Precision manufacturing

Forget the past.

The unique technology of Frisomat is automated manufacturing of cold rolled, hot-dip galvanized profiles. All production operations: folding, drilling, measuring, cutting is carried out fully automatically and without human intervention.

Advanced production technology enables us to use high-efficiency thin-walled profiles of high-strength steels and corrosion protected by galvanizing with 275 g/m2 zinc. Without brushes, primer and paint.

The result: high-quality product precision manufactured in the shortest possible time, ready to assemble at your building site.

Professional assembly

An important goal of Frisomat precisely planning and high-tech manufacturing is fast and efficient installation of your building. All its elements are prepared in advance in the factory and it remains to be assembled on your construction site.

In the steel structures of Frisomat, the connection of finished parts is carried out by high-strength bolts. No flexes, no welding. The result is to maintain the corrosion protection of all elements and ensure constructive resistance.

Frisomat will build your building entirely with their own qualified teams – equipped with all the necessary machinery and tools for quick and quality assembly. Our specialization in the field of lightweight steel construction is a guarantee for excellent final result.