Fast execution

Prefabricated building which is mounted for weeks

More space? Need it immediately. Not after a year. So Frisomat will assemble your prefabricated building in the shortest possible term and without compromise on quality. From order to completion we need a few weeks.

How do we do this?

  • Without intermediaries? This is something else!
    Frisomat has a control over the entire production process of your prefabricated building. From design to production. And from transportation to installation.
  • Our constructions are assembled quickly
    Your building is made of cold rolled galvanized profiles. All components are precisely manufactured in our high-tech manufacturing base. This reduces to a minimum installation time – so you’ll start using your building significantly earlier.
  • Standard systems: the formula for speed
    Your prefabricated building is based on a standard construction system. Pre-developed construction details allow us to complete the designing, manufacturing and the installation lightning-fast.
Endless possibilities

More space for your business, formed according to your requirements.

Whatever you need for your business intentions Frisomat will offer a solution. Although our nine standard systems are built from standard profiles, their applications and possibilities are limitless.

Some ideas:

  • Office and industrial
    From industrial building to storage space, temporarily or permanently. Frisomat will assemble the building of your dreams: from a warehouse or farm shed to office space.
  • Sport and entertainment
    Frisomat construction systems are suitable not only for business buildings, they are used and covered riding hall, hangars for airplanes and helicopters. You can use them even for holding large events.
  • Strong in the variety
    Frisomat daily explore new opportunities, which means that the number of applications is constantly growing. So do not hesitate to present your specific requirements. We have great opportunities to meet your needs with our standard systems.

Select the building that you need.

Lightweight foundations

No need to bury money in the ground!

Construction systems of Frisomat are specially designed with the thought of lighter foundations. The low own weight and specific constructive scheme allows the use of manufactured in factory conditions foundation blocks. This saves you the execution of complex and expensive solid foundations that contribute nothing to the functionality of your building.

And also save time

With a mounting concrete foundation blocks are saved weeks of time to complete your building. With its specialized equipment our experienced installers will complete with the foundation works for a few hours. Because Frisomat prices the time.

Exact price

Standard systems: easy valuation

Thanks to our many years of experience in the implementation of standardized prefabricated buildings, we have our own specialized software for calculation and valuation of the buildings. Thus, soon you will get a completely accurate quote for your Frisomat building.

No unpleasant surprises

With Frisomat you are sure that the price in the offer will be exactly what you need to pay – until the last lev. Because from the very beginning it was based on a detailed specification that takes into account every nut and bolt of your future building.

Get your offer now!

Lifetime solution

Frisomat buildings – designed for long-term exploitation

All Frisomat buildings are fully implemented of steel that is cold-rolled and galvanized covering of 275 g / m2 zinc – the highest protection against corrosion. This ensures long life even in structures located outdoors or in highly aggressive surroundings.

The materials used in Frisomat facade and roof systems have high quality polymer coating providing extra protection from weathering. Without the need for additional support they retain the good looks of your building for decades.