Modular prefabricated structures, almost limitless possibilities.
All over Europe, trained Frisomat employees construct your industrial building. And all over the world, we provide a detailed manual and trained supervisors. No matter where you need space, we build it for you.

High quality steel constructions. Everywhere.

Thanks to the lightweight materials, 2 trained people can construct a building in 2 days to 2 months. Fast and flexible. No heavy material or cranes are needed. Every part can be manipulated by 2 people. That’s the Frisomat philosophy. Innovative steel constructions.

Delivering a steel shell is not the end of our involvement. It does not stop when the structure, fittings and claddings have been assembled. Insulation, doors, windows, gates, dock shelters,… everything wears the Frisomat stamp.

Your advantage?

  • Fast, high quality construction
  • A professional job
  • Short delivery periods
  • No surprises
  • No heavy machinery
  • No dependency