Steel buildings at the best price.

An industrial building is not just a steel hangar. So much things must be taken into account when delivering the perfect steel construction. Frisomat has all the knowhow in-house to satisfy your needs. We manage your industrial building from design to assembly, each step is meticulously controlled before the next one is engaged. Frisomat industrial buildings, easy in its concept, ingenious in its realization.

Looking for industrial buildings? Metal sheds? Industrial hangars? Riding schools or riding arenas? Airplane hangars? Workshops or showrooms? Years of experience in steel constructions and innovative concepts.

Frisomat designs, develops, produces and builds innovative buildings made out of cold rolled, galvanized steel. Prefabricated industrial buildings or modular hangars. Innovative steel constructions. Every lightweight part of the building is separately designed and produced.

On the construction site, the building can easily be assembled as were it a giant meccano-set. 20.000 References, all over the world, all in full compliance with local regulations and requirements. Steel constructions at its best.

  • Reliable
  • Fast and flexible
  • High quality
  • Robust but lightweight

All over the world.

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